Oilfield Gauging Tapes


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about using or ordering oil gauging products. Please check back for updates. If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here, please fill out our contact request form and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

What is the difference between Innage and Outage oil gauging tapes?

Innage oil gauge tapes measure the depth of liquid inside a tank. Innage tapes are cut at the 9" mark to accommodate use of an Innage plumb bob. The tape measures the height of the liquid from the bottom of the tank to the liquid surface. These are the most commonly used tank gauging tapes.
Outage tape measurements are based on how much liquid has been removed from a tank. You need to know the height of your tank to determine the liquid level. Outage tapes are cut at the 3" mark and are used with an Outage plumb bob, which must be in contact with the liquid surface. To determine the level of liquid in the tank, first add the tape measure reading to the plumb bob reading, then subtract that amount from the height of the tank.

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Why would I purchase a Double Duty vs. a Chrome Plated oil gauging tape?

A Double Duty gauging tape is used to measure both light and dark liquids. The vertical black line will help detect light liquids. The chrome plated gauging tape is used for dark liquids.

Do I need to keep the grounding wire attached to the gauging tape, or can I just cut it off?

If you cut off the grounding wire, you may be putting yourself in danger. The grounding wire is used to prevent a spark that could ignite and do much damage. Most job sites require the grounding wire to be on the gauge tape.

What is the line wiper used for and how do I attach it to the oil gauge?

The wiper is used to clean off the liquid from the blade as it is reeled back in. To attach the wiper to the oil gauge tape, simply take off one of the rollers (remove one nut and screw), then thread the end of the blade (toggle) through the opening and replace the roller with screw and nut. 

Next, unscrew the handle of the reel, insert the threaded end through the round hole in the wiper, and screw the handle back into the frame of the reel.

Where can I purchase oil gauging tapes and accessories?

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